For more than a century artisans in Chennai and Arumbavur has been carving Gods and Goddess in wood. Wood carving has been a profession for generations for these artisans.

The most common wood used is from Mango and Teak tree. The work involves sizing the wood, chiselling, carving the jewellery and sculpting the face. Women was involved in polishing and applying varnish. Sometimes the wood is painted with enamel paints, which will need a coating of limestone to be applied before the painting.

Motifs used are of the magical beast Yalli, swam and other birds on the pillars and brackets whereas for doors, capital and relief panel Andhra Style carving is done.

Production places :  Chennai ( in Chennai District)
Arumbavur ( in Perambalur District)

Products:  Door, Carved Pillars, Capitals, Panels

Tools:  Chalk, Rambam - saw, Uli - Chisels: Seruva uli - for carving, Tiruppu uli - turning the screw, Elapp uli - leveling and planing, Sittra uli - to carve small idols, Aakkur - drill, Malu - metal stick, Kottapuli - wooden mallet, Koradhu - cutting pliers, Aram - gouges, Files.